Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.   

– Hippocrates                                                                                                                 
Chinese physicians always advocated eating sensibly. The principles of Chinese medicine nutrition allow each person to eat without being obsessed about the percentage of fats, proteins, carbohydrates or calories, which means that adopting strict dietary regimes isn’t necessary. Moreover, a practitioner will also use these principles to show you what type of foods your body needs to be healthy again.

How do you mean?

In Chinese medicine, different foods affect certain systems in different ways. Foods are viewed energetically in terms of which organ networks are targeted, and whether they have a warming or cooling effect on that network. For example, not only are cucumbers universally recognised as cooling, in Chinese medicine, they are regarded as “sweet” in flavour, and they act on the Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestine channels. If you have a digestive problem that involves “heat”, such as constipation, or mouth ulcers, then your practitioner may advise you to incorporate more cucumbers in your diet.

What does a consult involve?

A Chinese medicine nutrition consult is similar to what you’d expect when you visit a dietitian, or a naturopath. Your full medical history will be taken, but we will also make a Chinese medicine diagnosis after looking at your tongue and pulse. Then we will go through your day to day diet, and a Chinese medicine nutrition report will be sent out shortly for you to get started. Most people are generally surprised to learn that the “healthy” food choices they make are actually not appropriate for them.
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