In the field of dermatology, a large proportion of skin conditions are treated with either topical steroid creams, or UV treatment, even though these conditions often have very different pathological processes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, the cause of each skin disease is keenly investigated so that the appropriate treatment can be given.

For example, two people suffering from atopic eczema for the same amount of time may on the surface appear to have the exact same problem. In contemporary Western medicine, they would be given the same medication for atopic eczema. Chinese Medicine takes the diagnosis further, and decides whether these two people have atopic eczema due to one of 4 main causes: excessive heat, dampness, blood stasis or chronic/excessive malnourishment of the skin. The treatment will then be effective as appropriate to their Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Not only is the treatment more specific, the side effects of chronic or overuse of steroidal creams (such as Elocon and Diprosone) can also be avoided.

These are just some of the skin conditions that are managed and treated effectively with Chinese Medicine:

– Acne vulgaris                                     – Ichthyosis vulgaris
– Seborrheic dermatitis                        – Lichen Simplex
– Atopic Eczema                                  – Psoriasis
– Nummular eczema                           – Rosacea
– Pompholyx eczema                          – Tinea
– Stasis eczema                                     – Urticaria

cream-photoFor your skin consultation, please bring a list of all your medications (oral and topical) and note your skincare routine. During the consultation we will also go through the type of foods that aggravate your skin and which type of foods enhance blood flow and nourishes the skin. Herbal treatment will be prescribed, usually in the form of instant concentrated granules that are customised according to your condition, and medicated herbal creams are also formulated for your personal skin type for external application.