Pain Management

Natural drug free relief

Acupuncture is well documented in the treatment of acute and chronic pain – in fact, the World Health Organisation has recommended acupuncture for a number of different problems.

We commonly treat the following painful conditions:
– Headache                       – Knee pain
– Low back pain                – Sciatica
- Neck pain                       – Tennis elbow
- Dental pain                     – Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ syndrome)
– Postoperative pain         – Rheumatoid arthritis
– Frozen shoulder            – Shin splints
– Plantar fasciitis

Don’t like the thought of having needles where it hurts?
Diana is certified in Dr Richard Tan’s Balance Method, which is a comprehensive acupuncture technique that uses points away from the painful area and regularly produces results that are seen during a treatment session. This technique is gentle and ideal for both children and adults who have a fear of needles.